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Thermal Blankets are the ultimate heat retention option. They retain heat, and they do it very well. If you are serious about heating your pool with a desire for higher temperatures and a long swim season then in New Zealand the bulk of your heat will be coming down the pipe from an external heat source. Don’t heat the sky – use the superior heat retention capabilities of a Duokote Thermal Blanket to keep that expensive heat in the pool. If you want a heated pool, a Duokote cover translates into huge energy savings.

Thermal covers for pools are essentially insulators. Unlike solar pool covers, thermal pool blankets don’t heat the water; they retain the heat, and they do it very well. A quality, well-fitted thermal pool blanket can retain a significant proportion of your pool water’s temperature. If you have a heated pool, that translates into huge energy savings.

thermal covers for pools

how thermal blankets work

Thermal blanket covers float on the pool surface. The closed cell foam core creates an insulating layer which traps heat in the pool.


All residential and commercial sites that rely on paid heat sources.


Fabricated from physically cross linked polyolefin foam sandwiched between two layers of UV stabilised, polyethylene based polyfabric film. The foam provides the insulation and the outer PE layers provide the strength and durability.

thermal cover care

Never shock dose the pool while the cover is on.
Never dose the pool with algaecides while the cover remains on.
Using a reel will extend the life of the cover.

where to buy your thermal blanket

BMH distributes through pool retailers and pool builders nationwide.
Ask for a BMH thermal blanket by name.
Phone BMH if you need help locating your nearest agent.

thermal cover for pool

FAQs on  BMH thermal covers for pools

what is the life expectancy of a Duokote thermal blanket?

Approximately 8 years, subject to customer care.

how effective is a Duokote cover at retaining heat?

Duokote has a thermal resistance (R) value of 0.094 sqm K/W and virtually eliminates evaporation. This enables a Duokote cover to significantly reduce pool heating energy requirements.

what colours are available?

Sky blue, royal blue, grey and black.

do I need a cover on an indoor pool?

Yes, thermal covers for pools significantly reduce indoor condensation as well as saving heat loss.

cover warranty

BMH Pools offers a 3-year warranty covering faulty material and workmanship on return to factory basis.
For a printable warranty, use the button below or go to our pool cover brochures page.

Duokote pricing

Duokote thermal blanket $69.00 per square meter

Price includes GST.
Prices exclude freight and installation.

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