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solar blanket

Solar Blanket pool covers are a smart solution for the New Zealand climate. They cleverly utilise direct solar heating while still doing all the basic functions of a pool cover ( heat retention, reducing chemical use, minimising water loss ).  Extend your season and raise the average pool temperature for no ongoing cost! And remember warm pools get used.

Solar pool covers can raise and hold the water temperature of your inground or above ground swimming pool. It helps to both heat the water, and retain the heat at night, or prevent heat loss from heat-robbing winds. It will reduce your energy costs, minimise water loss, increase heat retention, and decrease chemical needs.

solar pool covers

how solar blankets work

Solar Blanket pool covers are designed to fully utilise the suns solar energy. These covers are translucent which allows the suns heat to pass through the cover and heat the pool water directly. The air cells on the bottom of the cover then act as in insulating layer to trap that heat in the pool. The cover also acts as a barrier to minimise evaporation and chemical loss

Solar blanket covers float on the pool surface. The air bubbles create an insulating layer which traps heat in your swimming pool.

read what our customers say…

“We’ve had our pool a couple of seasons and were contemplating purchasing a heat pump. We’d heard of someone else with our type of pool, a ceramic composite pool, who had one of your solar covers and claimed they didn’t need it heated. So we purchased your solar bubble cover and sure enough within a week the pool temperature had risen a few degrees. I reckon that over the summer our pool was on average 3 to 5 degrees hotter, reaching a high 28 to 29 degrees.
The cutting and fitting of it was all relatively simple. we also bought the reel for the cover which works great.
Thanks again, awesome product. Cheers”

Paul Mackenzie

the BMH solar blanket options

soltego thermal blanket


The Soltego Series comes with the traditional round bubble options.

geobubble navy


The GeoBubble Series, with the peanut shaped bubble, includes CoolGuard, EnergyGuard and Sol+Guard ranges.

tri cell

Triple Cell

The all-new Triple Cell 610 Series with the revolutionary tri bubble.

Information pdfs are available for download on our brochures page.

each solar blanket can be specified in one of two options:

  • Upgraded – Your solar cover is factory trimmed, edge bound, has re-inforced reel eyelets, boom pocket and pull out ropes. Upgrade features make our solar blanket more durable, easier to use and more attractive.
  • Site Trim – An oversized sheet of bubble plastic is supplied and trimmed to shape on your pool. It is left with a raw edge. The cover is connected to the reel using cords and plastic butterfly clips. This option requires significantly less factory labour, so provides an entry level option for those on a tighter budget.
solar pool cover and roller
pool cover to heat pool

cover applications

The heavier grades (500 and 600 micron) solar blankets are ideally suited to both residential and commercial / school swimming pools.
The lighter grade (400 micron) solar blanket is ideally suited to smaller residential swimming pools.
Solar blanket covers suit pools that rely solely on the sun for heating.

cover construction

Our solar pool covers are a layer of dimpled clear plastic laminated to a layer of flat clear plastic. The plastic is U.V. stabilised and formulated specifically for the harsh pool environments in New Zealand.

solar blanket care

Never shock dose the pool while the cover is on.
Never dose the pool with algaecides while the cover remains on.
Using a reel will extend the life of the cover.
Use a shroud when the solar cover is on the reel during the peak of the summer.

where to buy our solar blankets

BMH distributes through pool retailers and pool builders nationwide.
Ask for a BMH solar blanket pool cover by name.
Phone BMH if you need help locating your nearest agent.

FAQs on BMH solar blankets

what is the life expectancy of a BMH solar blanket?

Approximately 6 years, subject to customer care.

how effective is a BMH solar blanket cover at retaining heat?

Soltetgo solar blanket covers have a thermal resistance (R) value of 0.067 and virtually eliminate evaporation. This enables solar blanket covers to save up to 70% of the pool heating energy requirements

what colours are available?

Colour availability varies between types of cover :

Triple Cell – Royal Blue

Soltego – Sky Blue

GeoBubble – Clear, Black, Navy

However, black is opaque which is not ideal because it stops the infrared radiation and therefore does not heat the pool. The cover is heated instead. The other solar pool covers are translucent which allow the infrared energy to pass through the cover and into the pool.

what about sunlight encouraging algae growth?

The GeoBubble Selective Transmission is the latest in solar blanket and is very clever.

It has a clear top and a dark navy bottom which allows the infrared heat to pass through the cover, but it blocks the light waves which are required for photosynthesis, resulting in reduced algae growth.

how do I decide which grade of bubble cover to buy?

The thicker the grade of solar blanket the more durable the cover, therefore choose the thickest grade if your budget will allow.

which side goes up?

The flat side is the top and the bubble side is on the bottom. This makes for easier cleaning.

do I need a cover on an indoor pool?

Yes, covers significantly reduce indoor condensation as well as saving heat loss.

cover warranty

BMH Pools offers a 3-year warranty covering faulty material and workmanship on return to factory basis.
For a printable warranty, use the button below or go to our pool cover brochures page.

quality pool covers

Not all pool covers on the New Zealand market are created equal.
Soltego is manufactured in Australia and has been proven over 25 years of pool use in NZ.
Soltego has the Australian Smart Approved Watermark quality standard.

thermal pool cover

solar cover prices

Price includes GST.
Prices exclude freight and installation.

Soltego 500 / blue / solar blanket / site-trim
$36.00 per sqm
Geo bubble / 500 / black / solar blanket / site-trim
$35.00 per sqm
Geo bubble / 500 / clear / solar blanket / site-trim
$35.00 per sqm
Geo bubble / 500 / selective transmission / dark navy / solar blanket / site-trim
$35.00 per sqm
Super bubble 550 / clear / solar blanket / site-trim
$41.00 per sqm
Triple cell 610 / blue / solar blanket / site-trim
$41.00 per sqm

Soltego 500 / blue / solar blanket / upgraded
$49.00 per sqm
Geo bubble / 500 / black / solar blanket / upgraded
$48.00 per sqm
Geo bubble / 500 / clear / solar blanket / upgraded
$48.00 per sqm
Geo bubble / 500 / selective transmission / dark navy / solar blanket / upgraded
$48.00 per sqm
Super bubble 550 / clear / solar blanket / upgraded
$57.50 per sqm
Triple cell 610 / blue / solar blanket / upgraded
$57.50 per sqm

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