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Many pool owners know that pool covers are a good idea. They know a pool cover means a warmer pool, longer swimming season, reduced evaporation and reduced chemical use, thereby reducing a pool’s running costs by around half. However, these clever owners don’t want to look at their pool cover reels or trip over their pool covers when they’re not in use. So, they install concealed pool covers, which is another very good idea.

At BMH spa and pool covers, we sell clever below-deck reels to suit.

want an unobstructed pool deck?

The London Underground pool cover system is ideal for reels set into the ground. Set flush with the deck, only the moulded enclosure lid is visible, giving you an amazing-looking pool surround. We can supply complete pool cover reels for inground pools and the moulded in-ground enclosure.

pool cover reels for inground pools

pit cover lid

Anodised aluminium trap door style lid.
The lid is engineered to withstand foot traffic around the pool.
The surface is finished with a tread for safety.
The lid swings up on gas struts to allow access to the reel.


Ideal for pool cover reels for inground pools. The London Underground pool cover system works for decks at ground level with the reel located in the ground.

Perfect for inground pools up to 65sqm.

london underground reel construction

Dig a trench and install it to BMH guidance specifications.
Custom-moulded polyethylene enclosure.
Durable, Japanese 90-degree gearbox.
75mm extruded aluminium tube, 3mm wall thickness, marine anodised.

where to buy BMH london underground reels

BMH distributes through pool retailers and pool builders nationwide.
Ask for a BMH pool reel by name.
Phone BMH if you need help locating your nearest agent.

pool cover for inground pool

FAQs on our london underground reel

what is the life expectancy of a london reel?

Approximately 10 years, subject to customer care. Please note the pit must never be allowed to flood.

if we are building a pool at what stage do we look at reel options?

Before construction starts. Discuss reels with your pool builder when designing your pool. If necessary, call us for advice. A little bit of forward planning and expert help will make your reel and cover a lot easier to use.

what are the required dimensions for a london trench?

Approximately 700mm (front to back) & 500mm (top to bottom).

reel warranty

BMH Pools offers a 3-year warranty on our London Underground pool cover reels for inground pools that covers faulty material and workmanship on return to factory basis.
For a printable warranty, go to our pool cover brochures page.

london underground reel prices

London Underground reel 3100mm  $5,850
London Underground reel 3600mm $6,050
London Underground reel 4100mm  $6,250
London Underground reel 4600mm $6,450
London Underground reel 5100mm  $6,650

Price includes GST.
Prices exclude freight and installation.

For concealed pool covers that are easy to use, contact BMH early in the planning stage.

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