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Your pool is tip-top full, beautifully aqua, inviting and as close to pool paradise as you can imagine.

You keep your swimming pool clean, scooping out the leaves, vacuuming the algae and dust, pulling out the floatie toys to keep the little ones safe, and carefully monitoring the chemical balance to prevent those watery red eyes. 

Then suddenly, thanks to our fickle weather in Aotearoa, your pool is a half-empty, unrecognisable, chilly pond. If you only had bought a pool cover instead of that inflatable pink flamingo for Christmas. Fortunately, it’s never too late to cover your pool. 

We can work with you to stop your money vanishing into thin air, and make sure you get more time to enjoy swimming and splashing and spend less time resenting the power bills. 

pool cover
swimming pool cover

reasons to install a pool cover

Evaporation accounts for significant heat loss from a swimming pool. That means on a 25ᵒ C day, a 32 m2 pool will lose 11 litres of water per hour and 1.2ᵒ C of heat a day, more if it’s windy. Then overnight the outside temperatures chill down and pool heat radiates into the night sky. That’s a lot of water and a big power bill vanishing into thin air.

Pool covers extend your swimming season, manage temperature, help keep your pool clean, reduce filtration time, save on water, energy and pool chemicals. They will lessen your pool’s impact on the environment and on your wallet. What’s not to love? 

BMH can fit pool covers to both new and existing pools. Our pool covers are purpose-made to suit every individual swimming pool and we cover the country. 

swimming pool covers

pool covers

A good-quality pool cover is a smart investment, saving energy, water and money. If you’re unsure, which pool cover is right for you, the team at BMH Pool and Spa Covers are here to help you decide.

spa pool cover nz

spa covers

Energy efficiency determines how much your spa costs to run. Ease of use determines how often you indulge in your spa. We’re here to make using your spa beautifully simple and cost effective.

pool cover nz

pool reels

From commercial pool reels to mobile residential reels to clever, hidden under seat or below deck systems or motorised reels, we have a great range of pool cover rollers, and one to suit your pool.

automatic pool covers nz

automatic slat pool covers

Slat covers are unobtrusive, stylish money-savers that are very simple to use. Automatic slat pool covers look amazing and enhance the experience of pool ownership with the mere turn of a key.

extend your swimming season

Combining efficiency with good looks, the team at BMH Pool Covers make and install pool covers NZ wide.

read what our customers say…

“Narellan Pools Waikato work exclusively with BMH for all our clients pool cover requirements.  BMH products are high quality and the customer service and workmanship provided by their team is outstanding.  We would highly recommend BMH to anyone looking for great quality products and service.”
Jacque Patterson, Managing Director, Narellan Pools Waikato




it all

Pool covers should be available to a wider range of New Zealand spa and pool owners.


Because pool covers save our precious water and have important advantages in terms of pool owners’ environmental impact. Every summer, the calls to preserve water are louder and more urgent in New Zealand, particularly in Auckland.

what have we done about it?

We work with reliable, proven European and Australian suppliers, we have negotiated great rates, and then we have bought in bulk. We utilise the latest manufacturing equipment to provide you with the best possible products in our industry. At BMH Pool and Spa Covers, we’re here to help. We’ve been in the pool cover business for many years, because we have made a commitment to protecting the environment and saving our clients time and money. So, we’ll help you come to terms with the ins, outs, pros and cons of our various pool covers and reel systems. 

but what about installation?

We’ve been in this business a long time, so we utilise the close relationships with pool builders, pool shops and pool service people nationwide that we have nurtured. We know how to simplify the process of accessing and installing reel and cover systems for swimming pools covers NZ wide. 

what if I want an automatic slat pool cover?

We supply and install PVC slat pool covers NZ wide – the ultimate pool cover solution. Easy-to-use pools get used, and Real-time Slat Covers are proven, reliable and hassle free, so get the good times unrolling at your place. An automatic slat pool cover rolls back with the press of a button or turn of a key. If you opt for one of our other pool cover and reel solutions, you can rest assured they too will be easy to use.

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