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hidden pool cover system 

Pool covers are a good idea; they reduce the amount of leaves, dirt and debris getting into your pool, manage pool temperature and extend your swimming season, and because they prevent evaporation, they can reduce a pool’s running costs significantly. However, many owners don’t want to look at their pool covers, or trip over them. They want to hide their pool covers under their decks: another good idea. At BMH, our pit cover support beams for a hidden pool cover system make doing just that even easier.

hidden pool cover system

advantages of using a BMH beam

Simplifies build process.
Avoids having cantilevered bracket angle braces intruding into space intended for cover.
Avoids rust issues associated with steel beams and brackets.
Known engineering specifications relating to load bearing.


When installing a pool cover reel below deck for visual reasons.
When the preferred installation is for the cover to exit the pit through a forward slot below the deck surface.
The engineered BMH pit cover support beam can be used on pools up to 5500mm in width (max beam length 5750mm but beam generally overlaps pool width).


Pit constructed by pool builder / builder / landscaper.
Pit specified to suit. Please call BMH to discuss your requirements.
Beam is made of marine anodised aluminium.
Designed with a non-slip surface if the top of the beam is to be left exposed.
Designed rear ledge to set pit decking onto.

where to buy a BMH beam

BMH distributes through pool retailers and pool builders nationwide.
Ask for a BMH pool reel by name.
Phone BMH if you need help locating your nearest agent.

pool cover roller bench seat

FAQs on our pit cover support beams

what is the life expectancy of a beam?

Indefinitely, subject to customer care

if we are building a pool at what stage do we look at reel options?

Before construction starts. Discuss reels with your pool builder when designing your pool. If necessary, call us for advice. A little bit of forward planning and expert help will make your reel and cover a lot easier to use.

beam warranty

BMH Pool and Spa Covers offers a 3-year warranty covering faulty material and workmanship.
For a printable warranty, use the button below or go to our pool cover brochures page.


BMH Pit Cover Support Beam $298.00 per lineal meter

Price includes GST.
Prices exclude freight and installation.

for an efficient hidden pool cover system, contact BMH early in the planning stage

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