BMH Pool Covers and Reels, Spa Covers, Automatic Slat Covers Tarpaulins, Drop Curtains, Sun Umbrellas, Infra red Patio Heaters   






















BMH is an established Auckland business offering a comprehensive range of canvas related products.
We have a sophisticated manufacturing plant in Takanini and a depth of experience.

Our product range includes :

Pool Covers
Thermal Blankets, Solar Bubble Covers, Pool Cover Reels or Rollers, Debris Covers,
Slat Automatic Pool Covers by Procopi

Pool Accessories

Spa Covers
Spa Hard Covers, Spa Foam Covers, Spa Cover Lifters.

Pool Cover Reels or Rollers
Slat Automatic Pool Cover, Motorised Reels, Underground Reels, Hidden Reels, Mobile Reels, Commercial Reels
Berlin Venice Designer Series


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